South Tyrol Weather

Forecast for today, Sunday 29.01.2023

Sunny weather

General weather situation

High pressure will determine the weather conditions.

Weather today

Sunday very sunny. Mostly clear sky in the forenoon, some high clouds passing from North during the afternoon. Frosty i the morning. Top temperatures between 1° and 8°.

Mountain weather today

Sunny weather with clear sky during the first part of the day. Some high clouds passing through in the afternoon.

Forecast for tomorrow, Monday 30.01.2023

Sunny weather, light snowfall in the North during the evening

General weather situation

A weak cold front will reach the Alps in the evening.

Weather tomorrow

Monday at first sunny weather, later unstable conditions in the North with light snowfall on the border to Austria. North foehn in some valleys. Top temperatures between 4° and 10°.

Mountain weather tomorrow

Sunny weather during the first part of the day. More clouds with light snowfall along the main alpine crest in the evening. Wind from the North-west will get stronger.

Further development

Sunny weather on Tuesday

On Tuesday sunny weather. Sunny weather on Wednesday in the South, changeable in the northern parts. On Thursday more clouds with snowfall in the northern parts of the region. On Friday weather improvement.


Temp. min. -9°/-1°
Temp. max. 2°/10°

Temp. min. -8°/0°
Temp. max. 2°/10°

Temp. min. -7°/0°
Temp. max. 0°/8°